About the blog - Keyhole Surgery isn't a medical practice. It's a magnifying glass taken to the mundane. It picks at the leftovers of social cultural goings on with a nail clipper. It enters your home and dissects the locks like a thief, laying out the cogs of everyday turnings and taking pictures of them dressed in leather.

About the author - John Challis is a writer, musician and theatre maker. His poems have appeared in Wild Women Press anthology The 3am Club, Citizen 32 Magazine and Spilt Milk. BBC Manchester described John's poems as 'raw & sensual'. He is the co-director and co-writer of Warhol at the Edinburgh Fringe 2006, and is one half of theatrical construction team Bubble & Squeek . John is also a poetry reviewer for digital literary compendium Hand & Star, and is a regular poetry performer in London. John is currently setting up music/poetry night Trashed Organ.

Contact - johndchallis@gmail.com