Citizen 32 – Homeless Issue, 2005 - 'Gare de Nord' and 'Passion'
Citizen 32 – Sexuality Issue, 2006 - 'Praha to Cheb'
Spilt Milk Mag – Issue Two, 'The Moustache Issue'  2010 - 'July'
Spilt Milk Mag - Issue Four, 'The Sabotage Issue' 2010 - 'Dentistry'

'The 3am Club' (Wild Women Press 2006) You Should Paint More, Chicken Skin Music, Hypnic Dream, If All We Dreamed Were New

The Given, Robert Sheppard
Locklines, Sarah Kelly
Barking Doggerel, Byron Vincent
Successful Tragedies, Priscila Uppal
The Great Unlearning, Adam Horovitz
Coin Opera & Obakarama, Jon Stone & Kirsten Irving (eds.)
The Sparks, Ben Wilkinson
Unexpected Weather, Abi Curtis
Late Capitalist Sublime, Ryan Kamstra
A Plate of Chicken, Matthew Rohrer