Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dig Yourself!

Crowning a short residency at the Hammersmith Apollo, Nick Cave man of many talents swaggered, leaped and shook his fist like a true caveman curses daylight for dying last night.

Hocking up words like a jive orator, all pivot hipped & handle barred moustache, Cave called upon confession after confession as Warren Ellis, bearded supremo to his right, did things with gorgeous violins that’d make a classicist weep. Ellis thrashed around the floor trying to dig his way back to hell whilst Cave yelled ‘Prolix, Prolix nothing a pair of scissors can’t fix!” during the intense literary screaming’s of ‘We call upon the author.’ The whole thing made we want to flap my limbs around like Brains in the new Drenched advert, Cave makes contemporary dance look easy.

‘Red right hand’ drew particular arousal from the crowd as the first bell chimed and Cave, a tall dark stranger himself on the edge of London town, pulled from a dark dusted suit, a red right hand and come the second encore must’ve shot a glance to the bad seeds and known, “this town is mine.”

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