Thursday, January 14, 2010

Battery Park & Friends

Holiday Inn filter coffee is tasteless, but the bed is soft. They give out polystyrene to save on the washing up. We take a stroll downtown and breakfast at a Dunkin Donuts. That’s two fast food joints down. We pass ground zero and I’m surprised at how small the area is. Everyone says that apparently. The flame that never goes out is a fitting memorial; though I wonder how much gas it takes to run. Battery Park is beautiful and we watch an old man feed squirrels. Does it everyday he says as they effectively mug him, dashing for his bag when he strays more than a foot. We meet some kids collecting for their baseball team. They give us Skittles for dollars, and the cynic in me says they’re stolen, but it doesn’t matter.

We board the Staten Island Ferry with the workers, and watch the coastline expand. Lady Liberty waves and winks as we pass and I catch her pose on my camera. A delightful couple take our picture and we take theirs. I spend the rest of the crossing trying to catch seagulls with a photographic net.

We wander the island uphill and enjoy the view of Manhattan. Back in Battery Park we hit the first restaurant we see. It’s quiet and has a great view of the Statue. We trade ideas for logos, and our waiter gives us a free glass of wine at the end, we tip heavily.

I impulsively buy business cards on Broadway to advertise this blog. We visit Wall Street, check out Washington’s declaration, browse a pet shop then head back to Lafayette. We change and walk all the way to Times Square.

The walk is fantastic. Up Lafayette, past Public Theatre, Union Square, Flatiron, Empire State, and see the Chrysler stretching out to the right. Times Square makes Piccadilly Circus a poor mans neon valley, even the NYPD is all singing and dancing.

We ride the ‘N’ subway home and feel like locals.


rashbre said...

its a helluva town

Beth said...

I've never been, but seeing that squirrel on the bench really makes me want to go.

Weirdly, I feel a bit like he was sitting there to chill for a minute before he heads to Starbucks for a half-caf soy latte with an extra shot and hazelnut syrup and then to the office.

I so need to switch my brain out of work mode...

John said...

Ha! love the image of a squirrel with a starbucks, frantically yelling into his 'cell' phone! If only I knew how to use photoshop!

Ellie said...

Your photos are fabulous. I suppose you have a 'real' camera?

John said...

Thanks Ellie. I actually took those photos with a compact. A Lumix DMC-FX35. Has a lovely widescreen lens to capture big panoramas.