Saturday, March 8, 2008


Remember those lovely self cast statues Anthony Gormley left lying around facing the Southbank last summer? Well this time he’s gathered all the rusty clones of himself and planted them in Mason Yards’ White Cube gallery. Some hang from the ceiling, others jut out from the walls at different heights, and a couple stand still like lemons. It’s the kind of set up I’d expect to see on a plethora of londonites’ facebook profiles. Sadly though, photography isn’t allowed, but getting a sense of ones own space & depth perception is. The steel figures fill the room and at times can make you feel not only claustrophobic, but petrified one of the buggers is going to fall from the ceiling.

Downstairs it’s a similar affair, showing how objects in a room can fill up space and leave you feeling small & venerable. To point this out Gormleys’ created a huge technical drawing; a sprawling iron bar cast shape. Like a great blueprint it grows from the centre, struts along the entire width of the ceiling before bringing an array of limb-like branches crashing to the ground. A conceptual climbing frame for kids perhaps?

Overall an afternoon well spent, rounding it off at a few of Mayfair’s backwater pubs that I never knew existed.

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