Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Drops in the river

I bought an ep by a band called Fleet Foxes the other day and have since been enjoying their sunny country bumpkin worshiping tunes. It’s great when you find a piece of music to slow down to, and that ignores the complexities of life. So much of music is riddled with salary crisis, golden handshakes, or problems at the ATM, that it makes me wonder my more indie rock music isn’t used to advertise financial services. Hard Fi’s turgid ‘cash machine’ would make a great Abbey National ad. ‘We’re working for the cash machine,’ well of course we bloody are, top marks for pointing the obvious.

Maybe it’s just because spring is finally beginning to show signs of life that I’m enjoying music from the fields & trees again, and come winter I’ll buckle down, collar up and tune into some depressed ‘on the dole’ banter from east London. But if you like a bit of CSNY, blended with the ‘bron-y-aur-stomp’ & wooden country chapels, then check it out. The cover art's a bit like Roger Dean’s fantastical landscapes on ‘Yes’ albums, which is always a good thing.

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