Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Art School

I’ve been thinking about using art school entry portfolio advice as inspiration to get myself together. Who needs the classes when you’ve got the words. They say b/w photography, I say the city at night – easy peasy. Although I wouldn’t do that, I’d come up with some bizarre concept to fit it. The kind of thing I can write an essay on, and how it reflects the London mayoral candidates’ race for victory, or something. I’d take a picture of a pigeon-less Trafalgar Square for Ken, and a toupee gallery for Boris.

But seriously, i was taking a look at a couple of college's entry level requirements, and it gives the impression all you need is a checklist of work. One film, tick, one 3D animation, tick, one life drawing, tick... etc. I know its good to have an all round grounding & interest in different artistic disciplines, but surely there has to be some merit, and surely not everyone is good at and has attempted every discipline there is! Apart from me of course.

Anyway this is all besides the point, I think it'd be interesting to see how I'd fare through self motivation, and by completing the prospectus briefs as a sort of exploration into the governing factors of artistic classification. After all it is the 21st (and 20th) century cool thing to do.

I may have stumbled onto something there…

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rashbre said...

classification is the new geek. you have to stay ahead.