Monday, January 28, 2008


I read something today that discussed the Korean phenomenon of ‘Well-dying’. It’s quite common practice in major Korean corporations, whereby workers are placed in a coffin, laid in a hole in the ground & a few handfuls of dirt later are reborn with renewed priorities, ideas & values. All in an attempt to improve productivity!

I wonder how well this actually works? Or if it’d work in individuals personal lives? After all, people always seem to say that after surviving life threatening situations they feel renewed with a new lease of life. Either that or they suffer some form of post traumatic stress. It makes me wonder if all sorts of companies will eventually spring up offering all manner of near death experiences as the new ‘carpe diem.’

Oh, I forgot, that’s what they invented bungee jumping for.

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rashbre said...

I wonder if this would be a new form of annual appraisal?