Monday, January 7, 2008


Sometimes I'll stumble across a few websites or books, or cd’s that make me feel like I have something to say. In short I guess this either gives me some sort of inspiration or either makes me insanely jealously that I am not doing anything similar.

And so it seems the internet is a great harbour of self expression, and I ask myself, why am I not a part of this? I read somewhere that less than 10% of the internet population (actually I'm thinking it must be even less) actually contribute to the information we read and access each day. So that means, all the youtube videos, flickr photos, blogs, & even comments on websites and forums are provided by a vast minority. However, this does make sense, if we all added content everyday then the whole sh'bang probably wouldn't be able to cope.

So here goes my attempt...

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Theatre 503 said...

You make me smile